By clicking the Tickets on the left panel of the page you can access the ticket section of our customer portal, where you can create new requests or see  data about the old ones

Tickets 1

This section is divided into three parts:

  1. a summary of the type of tickets you can open (TSR, CSR, FSR). Note that close to each ticket's type there is a green circle which identifies if you are enabled to open that type of ticket. Green means yes, red means no.
Note that the first time you enter our customer portal the only ticket you will be able to open is the TSR (generic Technical Support Request) since, at beginning, your account has not been verified by our sales. As soon as your reference sales will enable you, you will be able to access all three types of requests.
  1. The Open a new ticket button which allows you to open a new ticket among those you are enable to create.
  2. The list of tickets you already created with their subject, number of messages and attachments inside and their current status.

Tickets 2

There are three types of requests you can create:

1. TSR  (Technical Support Request): Generic technical support request

2. CSR  (Customer Support Request): Request for technical support on a product already purchased. This type is available only after your account has been verified

3. FSR  (Feasibility Study Request): Request for an in-lab feasibility study. This type is available only after your account has been verified

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